A special announcement...

At the recent PTA meeting this past Monday, a new committee was setup for parent volunteers to sign up and advocate for our Gibbs students for the current boundary study.

Parvati Das has graciously volunteered for the role of Committee Chair. She and the other committee members, Vanessa Reyes, Nilla Swyndle and Ramatu Kamara will lead and coordinate all of the efforts to advocate for Gibbs to remain within the Clarksburg Cluster. This is your chance to advocate for you child. Please contact them for more information.

Parvati Das parvati.das@gmail.com

Vanessa Reyes vreyes@me.com

Nilla Swyndle nillasalonen@hotmail.com

Ramatu Kamara ramatua@yahoo.com

If you didn't already know, the second MCPS hosted feedback survey about the second set of released options is now open until June 16th, 11:45pm. So please be sure that you fill out this survey ASAP.


Other ways for you to advocate for your child is through writing your concerns and opinions to the Superintendent and the MCPS Board of Education.