Just a reminder....

If you haven't already ordered the 2019-2020 Yearbook for your child, don't delay because the early bird deadline is quickly approaching. Order one by March 20th to take advantage of the sale price.

Purchasing using order form (check or cash):

Soft Cover: $21 (after March 20: $24)

Hard Cover: $26 (after March 20: $29)

To Order Online:


Purchasing online (price includes taxes and credit card fee):

Soft Cover: $21.14 (after March 20: $24.32) Hard Cover: $26.44 (after March 20: $29.62)

Art Contest

And one other thing. If your child is interested in participating in the art contest, all entries are due by March 27th! Rules are below and are a MUST!

The theme is "Gibby the Superhero". All entries MUST include somewhere within the drawing:

(1) William B. Gibbs, Jr. Elementary School

(2) 2019-2020

(3) a drawing of Gibby

(4) and the artist's signature