Let's show our appreciation....

Another opportunity to show our appreciation to the Gibbs staff is coming up, on February 22nd which is STEAM night. So many of us enjoy the STEAM event! It will certainly be a long and busy day for the staff so let's show them our support with a fantastic luncheon!

Please consider signing up HERE.

Thank you!!!!

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10/5/2021 PTA meeting @ 6 pm and more

In person in the Media Center @ 6:00 pm or virtually on Zoom. Zoom info listed below. Also Sept Minutes, budget and todays presentation are linked below. See you there! Topic: Gibbs PTA Meeting Tim


Please join us in person for our first PTA meeting at 6 pm in the All purpose room. If you can not make it in person, there is a zoom option as well. Please see the zoom info below. Topic: Gibbs PTA