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We have a combination of small ongoing fundraisers we run throughout the year where we partner with places like Box Tops, Amazon Smiles and Spirit Wear sales, or Spirit Nights at various restaurants etc. Then we have large fundraiser events such as our annual Fall Festival, Gibbs Fun Run, Bingo Night etc. We would love your support and involvement on these things. 


Online Store is now open thru Fri, September 27th

Please send us a message through our Contact Page for specific questions about spirit wear. 

Gibbs Gators Car Magnets
We are taking orders for Gibbs Gator car magnets! Buy one for each car in your family for only $5 each.​​

Amazon Smile

Amazon can donate 0.5% of your Amazon purchases to the PTA. Use the link on the left and search for "William B. Gibbs" to select Gibbs PTA as your charity. Use to make your purchases and support the PTA!

Box Tops for Education
Box Tops can be found on hundreds of General Mills and other products such as Kleenex, Hefty, Pillsbury, Ziploc, Betty Crocker and many more. Cut out the box tops and put them in an envelope or plastic baggie and have your child turn them in to their teacher. Be sure to write your child's name on the back of each Box Top. We will have drawings for prizes. Each box top is worth 10 cents to our school, so be sure to cut them out every little bit helps.

Giant A+ School Rewards

This year’s A+ Program runs from September 7, 2018, through March 16, 2019. Use your registered Giant Food Card each time you shop at any Giant Food, and you will earn CASH for our school. You can confirm your school selection by logging into your account at



Our school will receive one CASH rewards check at the end of the program and can use this cash for any of our educational needs. Please encourage your family members and friends to support our school.  

Box Tops

You can make a difference for your school every time you shop for groceries! With 2 Ways 2 Earn, you can earn cash for your school by redeeming the eBoxTops offers found exclusively at and by participating in the 10% Goes Back to Schools Program. Start earning today.

The following are event-type of fundraisers that not only help raise funds for the Gibbs PTA but also provide our children with exciting and fun-filled activities to enjoy with friends and family.  


Fall Festival

This is our most popular event of the year where we have some 700 friends, family and community members attend. It's a night full of games, food trucks, arts & crafts, photo booth, bounce houses and a raffle contest containing amazing prizes that are donated by our local community of businesses. Fall Festival provides a great opportunity to meet other families and build memories together. Your entire family is sure to have a blast at this event. Funds are raised through the entrance fee, raffle tickets, and a percentage of the food and drink sales.


Gibbs Fun Run

This is a relatively new fundraiser at Gibbs with the 2018-2019 school year being the first year we've hosted this event. In this sponsorship type of event, students are engaged daily in STEM, media and other interactive type of activities. Then it culminates into a Fun Run (not a race) event where students run around the soccer field for half an hour (up to maximum of 35 laps). Students are sponsored by friends and family for each lap complet or through a flat sponsorship amount.


Spirit Nights

These events run about once a month and are held at various restaurants and kid friendly entertainment places that donate a percentage of their profits from the participation of Gibbs families. These nights occur during the weekdays but also possibly during the weekends. The more Gibbs families participate in these Spirit Nights, the more profitable these events are.


Bingo Night

There's something about the game of bingo that brings out the kid in us. It's a simple game but its always so exciting! There are prizes for each bingo card winner. Game cards, pizza, snacks and drinks are available for purchase at this event. Be sure to check out this dinner and game kind of night!


Gibbs Got Talent

If you love to watch a great show and want to support our school at the same time, then this event is definitely for you. Our Gibbs students are incredibly gifted, with an awesome showcase of talent that ranges from singing, dancing, comedy, gymnastics etc. Funds are raised through the entrance fee, concession stand, flowers and shout-outs. 

Other Fundraisers

These are things that are integral to our fundraising efforts. 


Book Fair

Our book fairs are held during the same week as Subs With Dad and Pastries With Mom and Grandparents' Tea. The children are always eager to bring their parents into the Media Center to show them their literary wish lists. Books are truly one of the best gifts you can gift to a child. Funds are raised with Scholastic Books providing Gibbs PTA with a percentage of their profits. 



Who doesn't love browsing through a photo album especially when its showcases memories of you and your friends at school?! Yearbooks are a beloved tradition for any student and is something that your child will treasure even more as they grow up. Funds are raised through a percentage of the book sales.


PTA Membership Dues

This annual membership per family or staff not only benefits the Gibbs PTA through monetary means but also as a statement of commitment and support. 

New Fundraising Ventures

We are always looking for new, fun and creative ideas to fundraise. If you  have any suggestions, send us a message on our Contact Page

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